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Kimo Kippen, Chief Learning Officer, Hilton Worldwide says, 'I'm always thinking about solutions that are going to be scalable and repeatable, that have a global application, that are accessible 24/7. Cornell, and in this case eCornell, knows our business. They know our industry. Most importantly, they know us.'
Tapan Mishra, Chief, Learning Resources Centre, United Nations Development Programme says, 'The brand of Cornell - in terms of the quality that you bring with that - tremendously helps people, motivates them to compete the complete the curriculum and see how the value can be applied to their jobs.'
Ted Teng, CEO, Leading Hotels of the World says, 'If you look at some of these classes and what the impact could be - from revenue management, sales, or leadership standpoint - all of these have tremendous payoff many, many, many times the investment of a single class at eCornell.'
Eric Simpson, SVP Director, BBVA says, 'What we've seen through the eCornell programs is really incredibly positive feedback both from the participants as well as from the managers'