Honey Bee Evolution, Biology, and Behavior


Course Overview

Effective hive management requires an understanding of the behavior, physiology, and evolution of these amazing and complex creatures. Learn this critical knowledge from world-renowned honey bee experts as well as Cornell University researchers and extension associates. This course serves as a foundation to help you understand the characteristics of a colony and how these traits and behaviors support colony survival and success. This information can be applied as you develop your hands-on beekeeping skills and will translate directly into your hive management practices. In addition, it will will enable you to better understand the current scientific research and communicate with credibility within the beekeeping community. 

This is the first in a series of courses that equip beekeepers at the hobby, sideliner, and commercial level with the concepts, knowledge, and best management practices needed to pass the written, oral and field components of Cornell University’s Master Beekeeper Certificate.

This course is perfect for beekeepers with at least three years of experience who are seeking advanced depth and breadth of knowledge to increase the success of their colonies, improve their skills in the bee yard, and gain credibility as a resource in the beekeeping community. Beekeepers who are interested in expanding their operation and extending their business opportunities will also benefit from this course.