Navigating the Healthcare Regulatory Environment


Course Overview

With lives at stake, the healthcare industry is subject to many complex regulations. Understanding and navigating the government regulations is an important responsibility of all healthcare leaders. 

With a practical focus, this course outlines an approach designed to help you understand and comply with the essential requirements of regulatory agencies. The course begins with a look at regulations and the government bodies that issue them. It moves on to discuss the role of compliance officers within an organization and the steps an organization can take to ensure regulatory compliance. The course concludes with a discussion of healthcare liability and how organizations can reduce their exposure, routinely as well as in the case of medical error.

The four-part course project helps you apply what you learn to your own situation, and a set of templates and downloadable tools provides resources designed to assist you as you implement key concepts in the course.

Medical, nursing, and dental professionals involved in delivering clinical care who hold or who aspire to administrative or managerial responsibilities. Students may come from any size practice, and could work in either the for-profit and non-profit sector, primarily in North America.