Foodservice Management: Marketing, Service, and HR Systems


Course Overview

As the old business maxim goes, "You can't manage what you don't measure". Success in high-volume foodservice hinges on management's willingness and ability to measure, analyze and make smart decisions about business processes. The key lies in foodservice market research. In understanding customer values and meeting expectations, market research can help drive decisions about service style and service level, taking a more strategic approach to influencing value perception.

Explore sources of market data and information, learn how to monitor the customer service experience and use research information to develop a new business concept or even reposition an existing concept. Observing the correlations between reservation policy, staffing and scheduling can help you find the right balance between the three to optimize restaurant efficiency.

The course also shows how a manager can use HR systems to achieve better results in recruitment, selection, orientation, training and retention. Learn to hire and train staff who can deliver the kind of food and service that suits the company brand and addresses customer expectations.

Position your restaurant for long-term sustainability by incorporating market research, a systems approach to customer service and operations, and proper lifecycle management strategy.

This course is designed for foodservice professionals interested in creating a positive customer service experience and increasing revenue by taking a systems approach to operations and human resources.