Managing Revenue with Service Cycle


Course Overview

If you're wondering what might be inhibiting your ability to generate revenue, this course shows you how to find solutions in your standard service cycle data. Learn what data to collect and how to run a proper analysis.

Through an examination of two case studies, the course illustrates how service cycle durations are measured and how "revenue per available seat hour" (RevPASH) is calculated. Combined, these measurements enable you to generate revenue and profit more efficiently.

This course introduces you to several additional tools used to identify and rectify the underlying causes of operational shortcomings. Together, service blueprints, bottleneck analyses, and fishbone diagrams can help you isolate and solve those pressing issues. You'll learn hands-on how to use these tools and how to leverage RevPASH to the greatest effect.

This course is designed for foodservice professionals who are charged with identifying operational shortcomings and improving systems to overcome them.