Human Resources

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Aligning Employee Performance with Organizational Goals

Assess System Needs
Examine System Considerations
Design a Successful System

Aligning HR Strategy with Organizational Strategy

Customer Value and Core Competencies
Growth Strategies for Your Organization
HR Strategy and Key Talent Groups
Aligning HR Across Multiple Objectives

Applied Predictive Analytics in HR

Analyze Talent Acquisition Data
Analyze Diversity Data
Evaluate Employee Engagement Data
Assess Turnover and Retention Data

Assessing the Financial, Strategic, and People-Related Return on Pay for Performance

Assess the Financial Return, Part I
Assess the Financial Return, Part II
Evaluate Strategic Alignment
Assess Improvements in Staffing

Attracting and Retaining Talent with Performance Pay

Defining and Identifying Key Talent and Superstars
Comparing Pay for Performance Versus Pay for Potential
Determining Whether to Drive Behaviors or Reward Results
Examining Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, and Pay for Performance
Delving into Internal Pay Equity

Consulting Skills for Internal HR

The Consulting Relationship
Problem Diagnosis and Assessment
Feedback and Solutions
Implementation and the Change Process

Countering Bias in the Workplace

The Dimensions of Diversity
Recognize Unconscious Bias

Creating and Sustaining Remote Work Programs

Assess and Plan
Implementing Policies and Support Systems
Measure and Sustain Your Program

Diversity and Inclusion in Practice for HR

Defining Diversity and Inclusion
Inclusion at the Work-Group Level
Aligning the Levels of Inclusion
Evaluating Inclusion Initiatives

Driving Engagement

Define Engagement
Examine the Drivers of Engagement

Employee Training and Development

Conducting a Training Needs Analysis
Training Design and Delivery
Facilitating Learning Transfer
Analyzing Training Evaluation

Essentials of HR Analytics

Working with HR Data
Interpretation and Insights
Visualization and Communication

Facilitating Staffing Decisions

Staffing and Strategy
Workforce Planning
Candidate Sourcing
Assessment Methods and Workforce Flow

Finding and Managing Talent Through Social Media

Attract Talent with Social Media
Select Employees with Social Media
Retain Top Talent with Social Media

Fostering a Coaching Culture

The Employee Development Landscape
Identify and Prioritize Potential Coaching Opportunities
Form a Hypothesis to Inform Your Coaching
Develop a Coaching Plan

Fostering an Inclusive Climate

Examine an Inclusive Climate
Examine the Dynamics of Inclusive Climates
Take Steps Towards Inclusion

Getting Results through Talent Management

Examine Your Talent Philosophy
Identify Your Key Talent
Devise Development Strategies for Engagement and Retention
Measure the Effectiveness

HR Analytics for Business Decisions

Align Analytics with Organizational Needs
Work with Data
Strategic Analytics

Human Resources Leadership

HR Leadership Competencies
HR Leadership Relationships
HR Leadership Coaching
HR Leadership as Change Agents

Measuring and Compensating for Performance

Defining and Measuring Performance
Recognizing Competitive Advantage from Performance Pay
Distinguishing Facilitating and Hindering Factors
Choosing the Elements of Performance Pay

Navigating Labor Relations

Analyzing the Labor Relations Environment
Assessing the Current State of Labor Relations
Preparing for Possible Labor Disruptions

Navigating Labor Relations

Managing Workplace Conflict

Strategic Engagement

Define Engagement
Get Ready to Survey
Interpret the Results
Take Key Steps to Success

Strategic Talent Analytics

A Strategic Approach to People Analytics
Sharpening Your Analytical Acumen
Using Data and Analytics to Persuade Others

Total Rewards Compensation

The Total Rewards Framework
The Point Method
Total Rewards and Employee Preferences

Using Design Thinking for HR

Adopting a Consumer-Driven Approach
Solving Problems with Design Thinking