Getting Started with Spreadsheet Modeling and Business Analytics


Course Overview

To successfully and quickly solve business problems you need more than just intuition; you need solutions based on data. Data analytics is essential for any successful business. It helps us frame problems, make comparisons, forecast outcomes, and make decisions. You can use simple but very effective tools to analyze your data and make better, more informed decisions.

In this course, you will explore spreadsheet-modeling for applied decision making. You will work with data sets and navigate in an Excel 2016 Workbook. You will examine data cleaning and modeling concepts, practice core Excel skills, and explore ways to apply data management techniques to the spreadsheet system by using its math and logic capabilities to their full potential. By performing data management, you can improve the structure and usefulness of your data.

  • Anyone who manages functional or financial data to inform business decisions
  • Managers and executives responsible for resource allocation and reporting
  • Analysts interested in developing a business management mindset to make their analyses and data visualizations more meaningful to stakeholders
  • New analysts or people interested in moving into an analyst role
  • Individuals and entrepreneurs who need to visualize data or want a refresher on using a modern version of Excel
  • People in office support roles, administrative and executive assistants
  • People providing support at any level