Foodservice Management: Menu Planning and Marketing, and Merchandising Strategies


Course Overview

A critical element in the marketing of your foodservice business is the menu. There's far more to a menu than meets the eye; it's the key to establishing and reinforcing the business' brand or personality. Winning over a customer rests on meeting--or better yet--exceeding their expectations based on the menu and delighting them to the degree that you win their loyalty.

This course lays out how to create and design an appealing menu, one that aligns with your business' values and goals. Learn how to properly evaluate a menu and understand the psychology behind layout, language, pricing and design.

You'll then examine various functions of marketing and merchandising in foodservice by evaluating a Manhattan restaurant's overall business strategy. You'll then formulate your own plan for the restaurant by setting up the perfect marketing mix, combining effective menu-building with a sophisticated merchandising strategy.

This course is designed for foodservice professionals who plan menu content design and layout, and wish to incorporate successful marketing and merchandising strategies into their foodservice operation.