Social and New Media Marketing


Course Overview

Using new media such as social media, mobile marketing, and search marketing (SEM), you can reach customers in previously impossible ways. Customer interactions with your brand are paramount in your overall marketing plan. This online marketing course provides a grounding in marketing brand management, focusing on the importance of identifying and establishing your "brand promise," the experience your guests take away from engaging with your brand, as the basis of new-media marketing management. By answering a few smart questions such as, "Who are our customers," "What are their needs and wants," and "How can we satisfy those needs and wants more effectively and efficiently than the competition," you gather the information required to craft a brand promise that engages the client fully, and effectively cuts off the competition.

In this course, you experience the challenges of maintaining your brand's promise across a growing array of new-media channels. We present you with sound marketing concepts and advice from industry experts, and you receive actual experience with new media in exercises and simulations. You'll then apply what you have learned with a hands-on project based on your existing marketing efforts. Your finished project is an action plan for managing your brand in the social-media space.

See first-hand how implementing new media can help you deliver on your firm's "brand promise," enabling you to deal with market uncertainties and guide your organization toward sustained profitability.