Make a Convincing Case for Your Solution


Course Overview

When trying to persuade someone, the tendency is to begin in advocacy mode—for example: “Here’s something I want you to agree to.” Most people do not react positively to the feeling of being sold something. The usual reaction is to literally or figuratively start backing up. To make a convincing case, it is more effective to engage with the decision maker as a partner in problem solving. This makes your counterpart feel less like someone is trying to get them to buy something and more like you are working together to bring about an outcome that is desirable to both parties. Begin by asking yourself: “What is the problem you and the decision maker are solving together?”

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to deeply analyze a problem, possible solutions, and the associated risks as well as the most persuasive and efficient ways of presenting your proposal.

  • Leaders in any industry with 2-10+ years experience
  • Mid-level professionals looking to improve and expand their influence and move into leadership roles
  • Managers who make or request investments in resources, improvements in processes, or changes in priorities
  • VP or C-level executives interested in continuing to grow as leaders
  • Consultants or analysts who make recommendations
  • Engineers and designers leading projects
  • Anyone whose work involves devising, proposing, and defending evidence-based solutions to problems