Solve Problems Using Evidence and Critical Thinking


Course Overview

Have you ever known a very intelligent person who made a very bad decision? If so, you know that having a high IQ does not guarantee that you automatically make critically thoughtful decisions. Critically thoughtful problem solving is a discipline and a skill—one that allows you to make decisions that are the product of careful thought, and the results of those decisions help your team and organization thrive.

In this course you will practice a disciplined, systematic approach to problem solving that helps ensure that your analysis of a problem is comprehensive, is based on quality credible evidence, and takes full and fair account of the most probable counterarguments and risks. The result of this technique is a thoroughly defensible assessment of what the problem is, what is causing it, and the most effective plan of action to address it. Finally, you will identify and frame a problem by assessing its context and develop a well-reasoned and implementable solution that addresses the underlying causes.

  • Leaders in any industry with 2-10+ years experience
  • Mid-level professionals looking to improve and expand their influence and move into leadership roles
  • Managers who make or request investments in resources, improvements in processes, or changes in priorities
  • VP or C-level executives interested in continuing to grow as leaders
  • Consultants or analysts who make recommendations
  • Engineers and designers leading projects
  • Anyone whose work involves devising, proposing, and defending evidence-based solutions to problems