Diseases of Affluence


Course Overview

In this course, we are introduced to the China Project, the most comprehensive study of diet, lifestyle, and disease ever undertaken. We take a closer look at how diet is a major contributor to some of the leading causes of chronic disease and death worldwide including coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Lastly, we examine the scientific research indicating how a whole food, plant-based lifestyle can reduce the risk of and even reverse these chronic diseases. This course includes:

  • One activity
  • Four quizzes
  • Three required discussions
  • Downloadable transcripts
  • Readings

What You’ll Learn

  • The basic design and methodology of the China Project
  • How cancer begins and progresses
  • The basic role of nutrition, genetics, and chemicals in the development of cancer
  • The pathology of the heart, how heart disease develops, and how nutrition is key to its treatment
  • Impact of whole food, plant-based diet on weight loss and diabetes
Individuals seeking to improve their own personal health, as well as medical, nutritional, and health education professionals who want to enhance their skills and education.