Plant-Based in Practice


Course Overview

In this course, you’ll discover the tools available to support personal behavior changes to implement a whole food plant-based lifestyle. We’ll go beyond the simple similarities and differences between “healthy” diet plans so you can understand how to implement the optimal plan for your health and life, providing a wealth of applicable tips for individual, pregnancy, and family needs.

This course includes

  • Seven activities
  • One quiz
  • Two required discussions
  • One optional discussion
  • One video transcript file
  • Readings

What you’ll learn

  • Compare the different available “healthy” diet plans and dietary patterns that affect our food choices
  • Explain the importance of healthy eating practices from pregnancy to birth, breastfeeding, and beyond
  • Discuss common topics of concern to athletes including supplements, protein consumption, and enhancing performance
  • Demonstrate practical skills including assessing your kitchen, grocery shopping, label reading, dining out and more
Individuals seeking to improve their own personal health, as well as medical, nutritional, and health education professionals who want to enhance their skills and education.