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The Expanding Nutrition Frontiers Channel, which is an initiative of the Division of Nutritional Sciences, features Cornell University faculty and invited nutrition experts combining their years of experience with leading-edge research and best practices to expand your nutrition knowledge and skills to navigate global nutrition challenges. In these one-hour interactive WebCasts, they will discuss topics covering all aspects of nutrition, including the latest nutrition research and findings at Cornell University, research-based perspectives into today’s nutrition issues and controversies, nutrition and innovation, and more.

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What is it about the Mediterranean region that allows its locals to live better, healthier, and longer lives? Diet certainly plays a part, but so does communal eating and physical activity. What lessons can the rest of us take from those healthy and happy Mediterraneans? Join a live discussion with award-winning author and Mediterranean diet expert Amy Riolo, who will take you through the ancient roots of the Mediterranean lifestyle and its significance today.

In this one-hour online event, you will:

  • Explore the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and its recommendations for what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.
  • Learn how to stock your pantry with healthy and enjoyable foods.
  • Realize the potential for enjoying a Mediterranean lifestyle wherever you are.
  • Discover recipes and nutrition guidelines that are easy to follow and produce results.

For far too many children in the United States, poverty and poor health go hand in hand. The intersectionality of poverty, diet, and health among American youth has long been established, but thankfully promising innovative interventions are now emerging. Join this live discussion in which we will review the most current data on nutrition and health disparities and discuss ways in which we can inform programs and policies that promote nutrition and health equity.

In this one-hour online event with health disparities researcher Tashara Leak, you will:

  • Discuss socioeconomic disparities in dietary intake and health outcomes among children and adolescents.
  • Examine intervention methods for improving the diet and health of impoverished youth.
  • Learn how to translate the latest health research into action.

How do stem cells affect the buildup of fat tissue? Can stem cells be manipulated to help curb obesity and diabetes? These are among the topics that will be covered in this live discussion on the development and homeostasis of fat tissue and how it regulates systemic metabolism. Also explored will be the genetic tools that can be used to mark, track and manipulate these cells.

In this one-hour online event with Dr. Daniel Berry, assistant professor of nutritional sciences, you will:

  • Understand how fat tissue controls many aspects of physiology and metabolism
  • Explore how the appreciation of fat stem cells act as a key regulator of fat tissue mass
  • Learn how fat stem cells provide therapeutic options for obesity and type 2 diabetes

The Expanding Nutrition Frontiers WebSeries features the following esteemed Cornell University faculty and invited nutrition experts.

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