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The Hospitality Channel features Cornell University faculty who bring years of hospitality experience and leading-edge research to teach you the business of hospitality, including hotel and restaurant operations, real estate and finance, entrepreneurship, labor and employment relations and much more.

In these one-hour interactive sessions you’ll learn about:

  • Hospitality management and leadership
  • Marketing, sales, and merchandising
  • Revenue management and pricing strategies
  • Entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry
  • Delivering excellent service and creating great customer experiences
  • Human resources, training, team-building and employee management
  • Competitive positioning and strategic execution
  • The latest in research emerging from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell

Webinar Information

The Hospitality WebSeries offers monthly webinars with esteemed Cornell University faculty. New webinars are being scheduled often in order to bring you the latest in industry news, trends, and best practices.

Join Cornell Professor Ravinder Kingra for an in-depth look at trends and best practices around menu design. Prof Kingra will answer your questions and offer you practical steps for implementing a successful menu-design strategy at your restaurant.

Ravinder Kingra is a lecturer in food & beverage management at the School of Hotel Administration. Before joining Cornell’s faculty, Kingra most recently worked in Maine in special events, catering, and restaurant marketing and branding. He brings over 25 years of foodservice operations experience to the school. Having worked in corporate- and independently owned full- and quick-service operations, Kingra has a diverse background from which to draw inspiration for his teaching.

He is a member of SHA’s Academic Integrity Hearing Board (AIHB) and also serves as the faculty advisor to the school’s Epicurean Society. He co-authored a Cornell Hospitality Quarterly article that examined pre-opening training in hotels and restaurants. He has consulted with Gimme! Coffee, Dinosaur BBQ, and various independent restaurants in New England. In the fall of 2014, he was asked to deliver a presentation on technology and marketing in restaurants at the Costa Rican National Restaurant Congress in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Your Hospitality subscription will include access to these recordings of past webinars.

The Business Model Canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder and is arguably the most important innovation in entrepreneurship and strategy in quite some time. This tool helps entrepreneurs and managers discover new business models, revise them to respond to market environments, and manage business units within a large enterprise.
In this module we will explore:

  • Business Model Canvas applications
  • Where the Business Model Canvas fits into an entrepreneur and manager toolbox
  • A step-by-step approach to developing a Business Model Canvas

Join Cornell Professor Tony Simons for an in-depth, interactive discussion on how to develop and lead a team that excels at delivering top-tier service. Prof. Simons will answer your questions and offer a practical guide for cultivating a successful service culture at your organization.

Tony Simons wrote The Integrity Dividend: Leading by the Power of Your Word, based on his 15 years of survey and interview research into the notion that the credibility that follows from consistent follow-through is a leadership essential. Tony has published over 35 journal articles and book chapters for managerial and scholarly audiences. His work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Applied Psychology, and more. He is a tenured professor of management and leadership at Cornell University, where he has inspired and trained students and executives, and conducted cutting-edge research since 1993. Tony is also a certified firewalk instructor.

He earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Tony has spoken and trained executives in leadership, negotiation, and credibility management at Northwestern’s Kellogg School, Cornell and in seminars in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Business schools around the globe teach students the benefits of strategic or managerial decision making as a business development tool. Strategic decision making begins with clearly defined goals and objectives that help create strategies and determine tactics.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs evaluate the strategic resources, capabilities, and unfair advantages within the entrepreneur’s control and then select opportunities that these capabilities make them uniquely able to pursue. It is this unique methodology, and it is this unique mindset, that create the foundation for entrepreneurial thinking.

This discussion will help you understand:

  • The difference between managerial and entrepreneurial thinking
  • The process employed by successful entrepreneurs
  • How entrepreneurs behave in the face of non-existent or not-yet-existing markets
  • How to employ entrepreneurial thinking and increase your odds for success

The Hospitality WebSeries features the following esteemed Cornell University faculty.

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