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The Hospitality Channel features Cornell University faculty who bring years of hospitality experience and leading-edge research to teach you the business of hospitality, including hotel and restaurant operations, real estate and finance, entrepreneurship, labor and employment relations and much more.

In these one-hour interactive sessions you’ll learn about:

  • Hospitality management and leadership
  • Marketing, sales, and merchandising
  • Revenue management and pricing strategies
  • Entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry
  • Delivering excellent service and creating great customer experiences
  • Human resources, training, team-building and employee management
  • Competitive positioning and strategic execution
  • The latest in research emerging from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell
Webinar Information

The Hospitality WebSeries offers monthly webinars with esteemed Cornell University faculty. New webinars are being scheduled often in order to bring you the latest in industry news, trends, and best practices.

A clearly defined scope, a reasonable schedule, and an ample budget are great for “typical” hospitality development projects. But what is typical? More often than not, project managers will have to contend with crazy owners, uncompromising municipalities, and changing construction climates. In this live discussion, you’ll be given the tools you need to navigate and deliver a project under these and other unexpected conditions.

In this one-hour online event with veteran project manager Brad Wellstead, you will:

  • Understand how the culture of a project will guide your schedule, budget, and decisions.
  • Learn how much wiggle room you’ll need to gracefully lead your project to a successful opening.
  • Develop a strategy for dealing with unexpected challenges.
  • Discuss the proper amount of time and funding to apply to your projects.

From the #MeToo movement to ongoing battles over the rights of rideshare drivers and other gig economy workers, workplace conflicts and how to resolve them are major issues facing today’s organizations. For most companies, the ideal place to handle sexual harassment claims and other conflict areas is in the workplace itself through mandatory arbitration procedures that keep disputes out of the courts and out of the public eye.

In this lively one-hour online event with Susan Brecher and Katrina Nobles from Cornell University’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution, you will:

Discuss current issues in workplace conflict and how organizations are responding to them.
Explore the arguments for and against mandatory arbitration procedures.

Understand the importance of having an HR department that is prepared to deal with sexual harassment and other challenges.
Learn why allowing workplace conflicts to spill over to the court system can be seen as a cultural failure within an organization.

Beyond the hashtags and headlines, a rapid shift is occurring in the way our society talks about and addresses harassment. For many HR professionals, this is uncharted territory. Yet HR teams are a crucial part of the solution; to succeed, they need to know what’s possible.

Join our live panel discussion with Cornell University experts to start navigating HR’s role in creating the systemic organizational and cultural changes needed to eliminate harassment and ensure all employees can thrive in a safe, respectful workplace.

Cornell panelists Susan Brecher and Katrina Nobles—researchers and experts in crisis, conflict, and HR management—will discuss what role HR plays in workplace harassment and strategic organizational guidance, as well as how to handle high-level policy decisions in the current environment and move toward rebuilding harassment-free workplace cultures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your questions, have them answered live, and learn practical HR approaches to begin addressing this urgent problem.

Your Hospitality subscription will include access to these recordings of past webinars.

Analytics is quickly becoming as important to business success as reading and math. As the volume of available information grows, so does the need for today’s leaders to develop basic analytic and data science skills to make sense of it.

The ability to manage, understand and make decisions using data is now a highly-sought competency as businesses of all sizes have come to expect a strong grasp of analytic and data science skills from their leaders.

In this one-hour online event with Donna Haeger, a professor of economics and management at Cornell University, you will:

  • Learn how to turn analytic results into reliable decisions.
  • Understand how data-supported decisions increase your company’s competitive advantage and bottom line.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of descriptive analysis in order to leverage prescriptive and predictive modeling.

Every #MeToo has a story and a lifetime of cost borne by the victim. Recognizing the different costs – health, education, interpersonal, and career – that have been described by researchers over the last several decades is the next step to shift the burden from the victim to the person who caused the injury.

Karns will discuss the research evidence of the costs through a case study and discuss the ways to hold perpetrators responsible for the injuries they caused.

Join Anthony Melchiorri from the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible and Elizabeth Martyn from the Hotel School at Cornell University for a fast-paced, practical discussion on how to become a world-class hotelier.

As host of Hotel Impossible, Anthony is known for his no-nonsense approach to management, his sharp attention to detail and his keen insight into customer behaviors. Combining this with Elizabeth’s experience in luxury hospitality and as an educator at Cornell’s Hotel School, and we’ve got the must-attend event for 2018.

Anthony and Elizabeth will share experiences and recommend strategies and tactics to help you become a world-class hotelier. If you’re aiming to make your hospitality career more meaningful and lucrative, make your first move by registering now.

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