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The Hospitality Channel features Cornell University faculty who bring years of hospitality experience and leading-edge research to teach you the business of hospitality, including hotel and restaurant operations, real estate and finance, entrepreneurship, labor and employment relations and much more.

In these one-hour interactive sessions you’ll learn about:

  • Hospitality management and leadership
  • Marketing, sales, and merchandising
  • Revenue management and pricing strategies
  • Entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry
  • Delivering excellent service and creating great customer experiences
  • Human resources, training, team-building and employee management
  • Competitive positioning and strategic execution
  • The latest in research emerging from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell
Webinar Information

The Hospitality WebSeries offers monthly webinars with esteemed Cornell University faculty. New webinars are being scheduled often in order to bring you the latest in industry news, trends, and best practices.

Leaders don’t just apply their leadership and communication skills in the boardroom. It’s often not even contained to an office setting. Real leaders know how to take the helm and deliver the right message at any event, whether it’s a grand opening, a retirement party or even a funeral. Develop your ability to give a speech to remember by joining this live discussion about what to say (and what not to say) at these important moments.

In this one-hour online event with persuasive communications expert Andrew Quagliata, you will:

-Understand how effective leaders communicate in ceremonial situations.
-Learn the key ingredients to an effective ceremonial speech.
-Develop a process for getting started when you don’t know what to say.
-Learn how to adapt your messaging to rise and the occasion.

In the service industry, the guest experience is everything. Whether it’s because your team suffers from a lack of clarity or cohesion, or because your guests are getting lost in operational gaps, one negative experience can lose you a customer for life. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can’t just blindly rely on technology.

Service will always have a strong human component, so it’s important to periodically re-examine your processes and improve the systems behind your guest experience design.

Join this LIVE discussion on how to be ruthless with your process design so your entire staff will look like rockstars in the eyes of your customers.

In this one-hour online event with Elizabeth Martyn of Cornell University’s world-renowned Hotel School, you will:

  • Learn how to deliver consistent, world-class service on a daily basis.
  • Understand technology’s potential – and limitations – for shaping the guest experience.
  • Identify the operational gaps that may be causing you to lose touch with your guests.
  • Learn how to improve team cohesion and clarity.

Your Hospitality subscription will include access to these recordings of past webinars.

Do you have the presence of a leader? The ability to connect with other people and make your case while communicating genuine emotion is a vital skill in both business and life. Even if you don’t consider yourself a skilled – or even comfortable – public speaker, you can still develop an executive presence that will carry you through even the most intimidating circumstances.

In this live discussion, you will learn why refining your public speaking skills can build confidence so that people won’t be able to look away. This is a lifelong process, and this session is designed to introduce you to the discipline of public speaking.

In this hour-long, fast-paced interactive discussion with David Feldshuh of Cornell University’s College of Arts & Sciences, you will:

  • Learn why analyzing and understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter are crucial to your own leadership development.
  • Look at how breath, voice, body positioning, and a passionate belief can bolster your authenticity.
  • Observe strategies for connecting with listeners, allowing for effective transfer of information, emotional resonance, adding to your persuasive appeal.
  • Learn how performance anxiety, mannerisms, and other distractions can limit your effectiveness in presentation.

The commercial real estate industry can feel opaque and even intimidating to outsiders and newcomers. But with a bit of practical guidance and the right analytical tools, anyone can learn how to make wealth in real estate investment and development. This special roundtable event brings together three deeply-experienced professionals to discuss the integral components of commercial real estate, including project planning and management, investment and financing decisions, property valuation and asset management.

In this special LIVE roundtable discussion with Cornell commercial real estate experts, you will:

  • Learn the integral components of the commercial real estate business
  • Discuss how to coordinate with multiple stakeholders in order to maximize value
  • Create a real estate development project schedule, budget, and process for managing resources and risks
  • Develop a financially feasible development project and real estate investment strategy, estimate profitability, and choose the best way to raise capital and maximize returns
  • Have all of your questions about real estate management, maintenance and more answered by knowledgeable and experienced professionals

What holds people back from realizing their dreams? To many, the simple answer is fear, but fear may also increase your capacity to act with courage. Erica Dawson, from Cornell’s College of Engineering, will discuss what you can can do to harness fear and apply it to both your personal life and as a leader to others.

In this fast-paced interactive discussion with Professor Erica Dawson, you will learn how to:

  • Understand courage as a character strength that can be developed and practiced intentionally—by anyone
  • Reframe fear as a necessary part of powerful leadership, and learn ways to reduce or manage fear in the face of challenging situations
  • Apply psychological tools to help you act with courage and conviction when it matters most
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