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Featuring subject matter expertise from NY FarmNet staff and outside speakers, the NY FarmNet Channel will provide actionable insights on how to plan for the future of your farm. You will learn how to improve financial and production efficiency as well as how to overcome business and family challenges.

Webinar Information

The NY FarmNet WebSeries offers monthly webinars with esteemed Cornell University faculty. New webinars are being scheduled often in order to bring you the latest in industry news, trends, and best practices.

Through role playing, FarmNet consultants Erica Leubner, a personal consultant and Sheila Marshman, a financial consultant, will help you develop the necessary skills to have tough conversations with employees, colleagues, and family members.

The duo will walk you through the process of inviting someone to have the tough conversation, preparing for the conversation, defining the problem, finding solutions, and following up.

Attendees will learn skills to have tough conversations with employees, colleagues, and family members by:

  • Preparing for the conversation
  • Defining the problem
  • Finding solutions
  • Following up

Your NY FarmNet subscription will include access to these recordings of past webinars.

Transferring one’s farm business is a complex process that requires input and assistance from qualified professionals. This in-depth presentation describes how to get the right people on your team to ensure a successful farm business transfer to the next generation.

Attendees will:

  • Develop an understanding of human resource risk and how it may be managed during the farm business transfer process.
  • Expand their knowledge of common farm business succession pitfalls and identify solutions to be utilized in their personal succession plans.
  • Receive information on additional resources to utilize during the business succession planning process.
  • Learn how to build a business succession team that combines financial and personal consulting to overcome financial and communication issues impeding development of a farm business succession plan.

Oftentimes the most critical piece of a farm succession plan is open and clear communication with family and key non-family individuals involved in management of the farm. This session will help you to manage conflict and communicate effectively during this process.

As part of the farm transfer planning process, farmers need to plan well in advance for retirement, specifically in the cases of long-term care and taxes. This session will provide you with a legal framework for planning around these issues and prepare you for discussions with your advising team.

The NY FarmNet WebSeries features the following esteemed Cornell University faculty.

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