The Rewards and Contributions of Beekeeping


Course Overview

Beekeepers are in a unique position to both reap financial benefit from their hives and to contribute to the health of pollinator populations and the greater beekeeping community. In this course you will learn about major hive products and services, how to grow your operation, and what options to consider for beekeeping as a business. Even if you are not interested in making a profit from your bees, you will gain a valuable appreciation for the beekeeping industry, and understand how hard bees and beekeepers work.

You will also learn how to evaluate the quality of information sources about bees and beekeeping, allowing you to contribute to education, research and outreach as well as participate in research activities, mentoring less experienced beekeepers, and raising awareness on pollinator issues. This course will prepare you to be a leader in your beekeeping community.

This is the fourth in a series of courses that equip beekeepers at the hobby, sideliner, and commercial level with the concepts, knowledge, and best management practices needed to pass the written, oral and field components of Cornell University’s Master Beekeeper Certification.

This course is perfect for beekeepers with at least three years of experience who are seeking advanced depth and breadth of knowledge to increase the success of their colonies, improve their skills in the bee yard, and gain credibility as a resource in the beekeeping community. Beekeepers who are interested in expanding their operation and extending their business opportunities will also benefit from this course.

A Master Beekeeper should have the ability to analyze a situation and make informed management decisions based on scientific principles, rather than needing to follow an exact recipe or procedure. We will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make evidence-based decisions in your own bee yard.