Course List For Corporate Partners

As an enterprise customer, you can choose from a wide variety of eCornell courses to make available to your staff. Most courses contribute to one or more professional certificates from Cornell University. Click any course title to learn more about it.

Data Science Courses

(DYS541) Getting Started with Spreadsheet Modeling and Business Analytics
(DYS542) Harvesting Spreadsheet Data
(DYS543) Visualizing and Communicating Insights in Excel
(DYS544) Making Predictions and Forecasts with Data
(DYS545) Using Prescriptive Analytics in Excel
(DYS546) Creating and Sharing Interactive Data Models
(SHA571) Understanding and Visualizing Data
(SHA572) Implementing Scientific Decision Making
(SHA573) Using Predictive Data Analysis
(SHA574) Modeling Uncertainty and Risk
(SHA575) Optimization and Modeling Simultaneous Decisions

Finance and Business Courses

(CIPA511) Assessing Nonprofits using Financial Statements and Ratios
(CIPA512) Determining Appropriate Budgeting, Debt Financing, and Cash Flow
(CIPA513) Fundraising and Revenue Generation
(CIPA514) Strategically Governing the Organization
(HAME507) Mastering the Time Value of Money
(HAME508) Making Capital Investment Decisions
(HAME509) Risk and Return: How to Identify, Measure, and Incorporate Into Capital Budgeting Decisions
(HAME510) Raising Capital: The Process, the Players, and Strategic Considerations
(HAME513) Understanding Financial Statements
(HAME514) Using Ratio Analysis to Evaluate Financial Performance

Healthcare Courses

(CEPL551) Introduction to Project Leadership
(DYS511) Managing People in a Healthcare Setting
(DYS512) Assessing Your Organization’s Finances
(DYS513) Planning Healthcare Investments and Marketing
(DYS514) Addressing Healthcare Economics
(DYS515) Guiding Your Organization’s Costs and Budgets
(DYS516) Improving Quality and Performance of Healthcare Services
(DYS517) Navigating the Healthcare Regulatory Environment
(SLN511) Changing Organizational Culture in Healthcare
(SLN512) Identifying and Aligning Products, Services, and Strategies Throughout a Healthcare Organization
(SLN513) How to Build A Strategic Plan for your Healthcare Organization
(SLN514) Leading Change in Healthcare Organizations
(SLN561) Planning and Designing a Healing Environment
(SLN562) Basic Tools for Facility Planning
(SLN563) Practice Based Research

Hospitality Courses

(PTRSHA003) Introduction to Hotels
(PTRSHA004) Building Your Personal Brand
(SHA509) Introduction to Restaurant Revenue Management
(SHA510) Managing Revenue with Service Cycle
(SHA511) Managing Revenue with Table Mix
(SHA512) Managing Revenue with Pricing
(SHA521) Services Marketing Planning and Management
(SHA522) Evaluating Business and Customer Factors Affecting Marketing Decisions for Services
(SHA523) Building a Resilient Services Marketing Information System
(SHA524) Developing a Service Strategy and Managing the Brand
(SHA525) Managing Service Demand through Pricing and Distribution Strategies
(SHA526) Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for Services
(SHA531) Introduction to Hotel Revenue Management
(SHA532) Forecasting and Availability Controls in Hotel Revenue Management
(SHA533) Pricing Strategy and Distribution Channels in Hotel Revenue Management
(SHA534) Overbooking Practices in Hotel Revenue Management
(SHA535) Non-Traditional Applications of Hotel Revenue Management
(SHA541) Price and Inventory Controls
(SHA542) Price Sensitivity and Pricing Decisions
(SHA543) Segmentation and Price Optimization
(SHA544) Displacement and Negotiated Pricing
(SHA545) Search Engines and Online Selling: Stimulating Incremental Demand
(SHA546) Marketing the Hospitality Brand Through Digital Media
(SHA547) Implementing Brand Strategy Through Digital Media
(SHA591) Fostering a Culture of Service Excellence
(SHA592) Developing Service Excellence Competencies
(SHA593) Practicing Servant Leadership
(SHA594) Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience for Your Organization
(SHA595) Developing a Culture of Empowerment
(SHA601) Utilizing Income Statements and Operational Data
(SHA602) Optimizing Your Food and Beverage Menu
(SHA603) Managing your Food and Beverage Supply Chain
(SHA604) Building Guest Loyalty
(SHA605) Leading Your Team to Optimize Results
(SHA606) Operating a Profitable and Responsible Beverage Program
(SHA611) Financial Analysis of Hotel Investments
(SHA612) Control of Hotel Real Estate
(SHA613) Developing an Asset Management Strategy
(SHA614) Achieving Hotel Asset Management Objectives
(SHA615) Valuing Hotel Investments Through Effective Forecasting
(SHA616) Valuing Hotel Intellectual Property and Structuring the Capital Stack
(SHA621) Foundations of Hotel Planning
(SHA622) Initial Hotel Planning Decisions
(SHA623) Hotel Guestroom Design
(SHA624) Hotel Public Space Design
(SHA625) Hotel Back-of-House Design

Human Resources Courses

(ILRHR521) Aligning Employee Performance with Organizational Goals
(ILRHR522) Total Rewards Compensation
(ILRHR523) Navigating Labor Relations
(ILRHR524) Facilitating Staffing Decisions
(ILRHR525) Driving Engagement for HR
(ILRHR526) Employee Training and Development
(ILRHR527) Countering Bias in the Workplace for HR
(ILRHR528) Fostering a Coaching Culture
(ILRHR529) Consulting Skills for Internal HR
(ILRHR551) Human Resources Leadership
(ILRHR552) Aligning HR Strategy with Organizational Strategy
(ILRHR553) Diversity and Inclusion in Practice for HR
(ILRHR554) Getting Results through Talent Management
(ILRHR555) HR Analytics for Business Decisions
(ILRHR556) Strategic Engagement
(ILRHR557) Using Design Thinking in HR
(ILRHR561) Designing and Implementing Effective Social Media Policy
(ILRHR562) Finding and Managing Talent Through Social Media
(ILRHR563) Creating and Sustaining Remote-Work Programs
(ILRHR571) Measuring and Compensating for Performance
(ILRHR572) Attracting and Retaining Talent with Performance Pay *
(ILRHR573) Assessing the Financial, Strategic, and People-Related Return on Pay for Performance
(PHR002) PHR Prep Course

Leadership Courses

(CEEL501) Strengths-Based Engineering Leadership
(CEEL502) Values-Based Engineering Leadership
(CEEL503) Decision-Making Skills for Engineering Leaders
(CEEL504) Collaborative Communication for Engineering Leaders
(CEEL505) Courageous Communication for Engineering Leaders
(CEEL506) Influence and Motivation for Engineering Leaders
(DYS521) Women in Leadership: Navigating The Double Bind
(DYS522) Women in Leadership: Negotiation Skills
(DYS523) Women in Leadership: Using Emotional Intelligence to Drive Results
(DYS524) Women in Leadership: Giving and Receiving Feedback
(DYS525) Women in Leadership: Outsmart the Work-Life Balance
(HAME501) Becoming a Powerful Leader
(HAME502) Building High-Performing Teams
(ILRDI001) Improving Engagement
(ILRDI002) Counteracting Unconscious Bias
(ILRDI003) Diversity and Inclusion at Work
(ILRDI004) Fostering an Inclusive Climate
(ILRME501) Interpersonal Communication Skills
(ILRME502) Managing Team Performance
(ILRME503) Managing Time and Priorities
(ILRME504) Effective Hiring and Interviewing
(ILRME505) Addressing Workplace Behavior Issues
(ILRSC511) Diagnosing Workplace Conflict
(ILRSC512) Applying a Problem-Solving Approach to Conflict
(ILRSC513) Leading Challenging Conversations
(LAW501) Embracing the Basics of Business Law
(LAW502) Structuring Business Agreements for Success
(LAW503) Exploring Specialty Areas of Business Law
(LAW504) Working with Legal Professionals
(LSM401) Solve Problems Using Evidence and Critical Thinking
(LSM402) Make a Convincing Case for Your Solution
(LSM531) Choosing the Right Performance Measures for Your Organization
(LSM532) Aligning Performance Measures with Business Strategy
(LSM533) Measuring and Motivating Performance
(LSM534) Measuring and Improving Margins
(LSM535) Managing Business Capacity with Activity-Based Costing
(LSM536) Measuring and Improving Efficiency
(LSM541) Competitive Advantage and Profitability
(LSM542) Strategic Positioning in Markets
(LSM543) The Strategy of Mergers and Acquisitions
(LSM544) Managing Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities
(LSM545) The Application of Game Theory to Business Strategy
(LSM546) Strategic and Tactical Pricing
(LSM561) Discovering Sales Growth Opportunities
(LSM562) Getting the Most From Your Sales Efforts
(LSM563) Winning With Your Key Accounts
(LSM564) Sales Negotiation to Maximize Value
(LSM565) Managing Sales Performance for Growth
(LSM582) Strategic Decision Making
(LSM583) Leading Strategic Change Initiatives
(LSM584) Coaching Skills for Leaders
(LSM585) Leading Collaborative Teams
(LSM586) Leading with Credibility
(LSM587) Leading for Creativity and Innovation
(LSM588) Planning and Delivering Effective Presentations
(LSM589) Negotiation Skills
(LSM591) Leading Organizational Change
(LSM594) Quality and Service Excellence
(LSM595) Leading Across Cultures
(LSM596) Motivating People for High Performance
(LSM597) Navigating Power Relationships
(LSM601) The Psychology of Getting Things Done
(LSM602) Identifying and Managing Emotions
(LSM603) Interpreting the Behavior of Others
(LSM604) Mastering the Essentials of Influence
(LSM605) Applying Strategic Influence
(LSM606) Designing an Effective Team Structure

Marketing Courses

(LSM515) Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape and the Customer Funnel
(LSM516) Assessing Opportunities in Paid Digital Media
(LSM517) Assessing Opportunities in Owned Digital Media
(LSM518) Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan
(LSM521) Essentials of Marketing Strategy
(LSM522) Applied Marketing Strategy and Decision-Making Tools
(LSM523) Marketing Research and Analysis
(LSM524) Creating and Communicating the Value of Your Brand
(LSM525) Introducing New Products: Successes and Failures
(LSM526) Distribution Strategy and International Marketing
(LSM551) Measuring Customer Preferences
(LSM552) Analyzing Segmentation and Targeting
(LSM553) Using Data for Positioning Brands
(LSM554) Predicting and Managing Customers’ Lifetime Value
(LSM555) Market Response Modeling
(LSM556) Optimizing Digital Advertising with Analytics

Nutrition Courses

(CNS603) Plant-Based in Practice
(DNS511) Counseling Skills: Understanding the Person
(DNS512) Counseling Skills: Understanding the Problem
(DNS513) Counseling Skills: Eliciting New Behaviors
(DNS514) Counseling Skills: Blending the Art of Counseling with the Science of Nutrition
(DNS601) Nutrition and the Digestive System
(DNS602) Energy and the Role of Carbohydrates
(DNS603) The Role of Fats in Atherosclerosis
(DNS604) Control of Food Intake and Body Weight
(DNS605) The Science of Exercise and Weight Loss
(DNS606) How Nutrition Affects Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Hypertension

Project Management Courses

(CEPL501) Leverage Emotional Intelligence for Project Results
(CEPL502) Communicate Well to Drive Project Outcomes
(CEPL503) Turning Groups Into Teams
(CEPL504) Leading Project Teams
(CEPL505) Managing Conflict on Project Teams
(CEPL506) Monitoring and Controlling Projects
(CEPM501) Organizing the Project and Its Components
(CEPM502) Planning and Managing Resources
(CEPM503) Assessing, Managing, and Mitigating Project Risk
(CEPM504) Using Earned Value Management for Project Managers
(CEPM505) Agile Project Management Approaches
(CESYS501) Getting Started on Product and Service Design
(CESYS502) Targeting Product and Service Designs to Customers’ Needs
(CESYS503) Exploring the Design Space and Optimizing the Design
(CESYS504) Thinking Through the Structure of System Design
(CESYS505) Ensuring the Success of Product and Service Design
(CESYS506) Executing and Improving System Design
(CESYS521) Defining Scope
(CESYS522) Developing System Requirements
(CESYS523) Exploring Your System’s Architecture
(CESYS524) Assessing Your System’s Performance and Value
(CESYS525) Implementing the Quality Function Deployment Method
(CESYS526) Defining Interfaces
(CESYS527) Identifying and Evaluating Risk
(CIPA521) Framing Complex Problems with Systems Thinking
(CIPA522) Using the Four Simple Rules of Systems Thinking
(CIPA523) Visualizing and Modeling Complex Problems
(CIPA524) Building Analytical and Emotional Intelligence with Systems Thinking
(CIPA525) Designing Organizations for Systems Thinking
(CIPA526) Becoming a Systems Leader

Real Estate Courses

(SHA581) Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Development
(SHA582) Managing Real Estate Development Projects
(SHA583) Real Estate Investment Decisions
(SHA584) Financing Real Estate Investments
(SHA585) Leading Successful Property Management Operations
(SHA586) Optimizing Asset Management Strategies

* These courses involve additional pricing and are only offered under certain corporate contracts.