Managing for Execution


Course Overview

Once you've established an organizational agenda, you need to set guidelines and manage team performance in a way that gets results. This high-performance leadership requires you to be many things at once: politically savvy, a firm but fair negotiator and a coach who can create and sustain momentum among supporters and detractors.

Two key elements in managing teams and maintaining leverage are regular performance evaluation and smart resource allocation. Performance evaluations provide people with actionable feedback and helps them stay on track, essentially increasing their capacity to do good work. Once you've evaluated performance, you'll be able to make informed decisions about where to allocate people.

Proper human resource allocation doesn't always guarantee ideal performance. This course encourages you to take on a coaching mindset when managing employee proactivity. This will also require strategic negotiation skills and tactical smarts. Coaching complements supervision and how to avoid common coaching mistakes.

HR professionals seeking to explore advanced HR topics, key HR practices, tools and skills.