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The Women in Leadership Channel features Cornell University faculty who bring academic expertise and real-world experience to help organizations overcome imbalanced power and influence in the workplace.

In these one-hour interactive sessions you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify gender bias and stereotypes in the workplace.
  • Execute on individual and organizational strategies for overcoming bias, allowing for women to succeed in leadership positions.
  • Communicate, strategize and direct from a leadership position as a woman.

Webinar Information

The Women In Leadership WebSeries offers monthly webinars with esteemed Cornell University faculty. New webinars are being scheduled often in order to bring you the latest in industry news, trends, and best practices.

Beyond the hashtags and headlines, a rapid shift is occurring in the way our society talks about and addresses harassment. For many HR professionals, this is uncharted territory. Yet HR teams are a crucial part of the solution; to succeed, they need to know what’s possible.

Join our live panel discussion with Cornell University experts to start navigating HR’s role in creating the systemic organizational and cultural changes needed to eliminate harassment and ensure all employees can thrive in a safe, respectful workplace.

Cornell panelists Susan Brecher and Katrina Nobles—researchers and experts in crisis, conflict, and HR management—will discuss what role HR plays in workplace harassment and strategic organizational guidance, as well as how to handle high-level policy decisions in the current environment and move toward rebuilding harassment-free workplace cultures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your questions, have them answered live, and learn practical HR approaches to begin addressing this urgent problem.

Today’s working household looks drastically different than it did just 30 years ago: Women are half of the workforce, more than two-thirds of families are dual-earner; and in the majority of these, spouses contribute almost equally to household income. These changes are affecting how people navigate gender roles, work/family demands, and career choices. Join a live discussion with Cornell ILR School faculty expert Pamela Tolbert to better understand these critical shifts so you can design effective policies and management practices for the contemporary workplace.

From the #MeToo movement to ongoing battles over the rights of rideshare drivers and other gig economy workers, workplace conflicts and how to resolve them are major issues facing today’s organizations. For most companies, the ideal place to handle sexual harassment claims and other conflict areas is in the workplace itself through mandatory arbitration procedures that keep disputes out of the courts and out of the public eye.

In this lively one-hour online event with Susan Brecher and Katrina Nobles from Cornell University’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution, you will:

Discuss current issues in workplace conflict and how organizations are responding to them.
Explore the arguments for and against mandatory arbitration procedures.

Understand the importance of having an HR department that is prepared to deal with sexual harassment and other challenges.
Learn why allowing workplace conflicts to spill over to the court system can be seen as a cultural failure within an organization.

Your Women In Leadership subscription will include access to these recordings of past webinars.

Conflict is an inherent part of life, yet we often learn from society and our organizations that it’s something we need to “solve” or completely avoid—especially in the workplace. But what if conflict actually challenges employees to grow, change, and perform better? Over the past twenty years, many organizations have adopted this view, refocusing their efforts on supporting healthy, balanced workplace conflict. HR professionals are instrumental in shaping the strategy behind these efforts.

To learn more about this transformation and HR’s role, join us for a live discussion on March 21 at 1 PM EST with Cornell University’s Ariel Avgar, expert in employee relations and organizational conflict management.

In this live online event, Ariel will:

  • Introduce you to recent developments in organizational conflict management
  • Explore ways to be more proactive about conflict, better understand its potential benefits, and mitigate negative consequences
  • Provide you with a road map for applying a strategic lens to workplace conflict

As an entrepreneur, you’ve invested months—maybe years—shaping your company’s brand. But what are people saying about you when you’re not in the room? Don’t leave it to chance. Take control of your story, and your company’s success: Join this live discussion about how to build a personal brand that is a valuable asset to your business and its goals.

In this one-hour online event with Kathryn Lancioni, veteran public relations and communications expert, you will:

  • Realize the possibilities and opportunities for personifying your brand.
  • Learn how to consciously choose, define, and refine your personal brand.
  • Explore the array of online and offline tools that can become your platforms of influence.
  • Learn the importance of the branding mix in developing, launching, and curating your brand.

Research—and business results—show that women and men are equally capable leaders, yet the culture in which they operate often obscures this fact and limits women’s potential. Join this live panel discussion with faculty experts from Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business to learn how to recognize these cultural pitfalls, cultivate gender-balanced leadership skills, and become a more powerful leadership partner.

In this one-hour event, you’ll learn how to:

—Recognize organizational power dynamics and gender bias, including the “double bind,”
—Build supportive coalitions with colleagues,
—Advocate for and communicate your strengths, and
—Build a powerful executive presence.

This event is ideal for both aspiring and experienced leaders, as well as anyone interested in understanding gender issues in the workplace.

The Women In Leadership WebSeries features the following esteemed Cornell University faculty.

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